Lee's Review: "Movie 43"

8:12 AM, Jan 25, 2013   |    comments
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(WLTX) - What exactly is "Movie 43?" Well, you might call it a modern-day, "Kentucky Fried Turkey." It's a bunch of crude vignettes that emerge from the mad mind of a down-on-his-luck movie producer, played by Dennis Quaid. Each short has its own director and a singular (and often vulgar) joke that extends way too long.

So, why did all these big movie stars sign up for this? Well, we're not likely to ever get an answer to that - because no one is out promoting it. Apparently, several of these A-listers tried to divorce themselves from the project and were forced to follow through.

I'll admit, I did laugh some. But I also enjoy "South Park" and this felt like a whole slew of their ideas that didn't make it to air. For anyone who's a fan of vulgarity, you may want to go ahead and put this DVD on your Christmas list. It's just that filthy.

You know, the name Farrelly has almost become a brand. It has come to represent comedy without shame. Maybe I'm getting old, but I'd like to see them adopt some.

Don't make the same mistake this all-star cast did. Avoid "Movie 43."

By Lee O. Smith, News19 Movie Reviewer

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