SC Lawmakers Look to Lure Gun Makers to the State

6:13 PM, May 3, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX, AP) -- The battle over how to deal with guns continues across the nation, but some lawmakers say South Carolina can benefit from changes going on across the country.

Dozens of South Carolina State Representatives have signed onto a resolution inviting and welcoming gun manufacturers to our state.

"We just wanna get the word out that we're here in South Carolina and we'd love to see good businesses and we believe that those are some of the good businesses," said Lexington County Rep. Ralph Kennedy.

He is one of about 55 House members looking to lure gun and ammunition manufacturers here to South Carolina.

"We've got good people, they're hard working, they'd make great employees. We're a pro business state and we're open for business here in South Carolina," said Kennedy.

The House cleared the resolution inviting businesses that create guns and ammo to move or expand in the state, citing the state's welcoming and hospitable attitude and political climates in other areas that are less than accommodating to those types of businesses.

The resolution lists the possibility of incentives, success with other businesses, the status as a "right to work" state and a belief in the Second Amendment as reason to consider setting up shop in our state.  

"We just want the gun manufacturers to know because they're up in other states they don't know us and we want them to get to know us," said Kennedy.

PTR Industries, a Connecticut gun company, is considering a move and looking at Horry County as one of six options for a plant that could bring 100 jobs in the next three years.

The company cites the cost of doing business in the state, especially after Connecticut passed stricter gun laws following the shooting in Newtown. More than 40 states have contacted PTR about the move.

"We want gun manufacturers in Connecticut and in other states to know that here in South Carolina, we are business friendly and we would welcome them," said Kennedy.

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