Church: Members Bring Your Bible To The Bar

10:48 PM, Nov 18, 2013   |    comments
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West Columbia, SC (WLTX) - One Midlands church is encouraging others to step outside of your church and study the word of God at the bar.

"Two of my favorite things together, talking about God and drinking beer," said Candance Chellew-Hodge with Jubilee! Circle church in Columbia.

This is definitely not your typical Bible Study. Every week members of the Jubilee Circle Church in Columbia trade the four walls of their church for a bar and beer.

"When I was in seminary at the Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Georgia, they had a weekly meeting called 'theology on tap" at one of the local bars."

Hodge brought the idea to Columbia; they call it Spirituality on Tap.

"We are going to talk about gratitude," Hodge said to a group of members huddled around the table.

She says everyone knows the story of how Jesus turned water to wine.. But Hodge believes more importantly, Jesus was about fellowshipping.

"A lot of progressive Christians have turned away from traditional church settings and they really want some place where they can come together and enjoy the company of people and enjoy the company of like minded people without sitting in a service and sitting in a church. "

Beer and Bible Verses usually don't go together, but Hodge says it's a casual way to discuss the word of God with others.

"We know some people have problems with alcohol, but we understand that Jesus blessed the wine, and so we are blessing the wine."

"A bit of a joke is that two subjects you don't discuss while drinking is God and Politics," said Kevin Reynolds.

Reynolds says Spirituality on Tap is a way to discuss the Bible with others and not worry about being judged.

"We are going to the area where a lot of people in churches say come to us, well lets go to them, the door is open anyone that wants to come in and sit down and enjoy the conversation, enjoy the topic, discuss it, debate it, argue it, learn from it. "

"If you can figure out how to reach people in just their regular places like a bar, well then that means that you are spreading God's love in ways that other traditional churches are not going to reach people," said Hodge.

The group says they know everyone isn't ok with Spirituality on Tap, but encourage people to not knock it before you try it.

"At least listen, give it half a chance, you might like it," said Reynolds.

If you are interested in participating there are several churches that have Beer and Bible Study:

Theology on Tap (

Spirituality on Tap (

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