First Tesla Supercharger Open In Santee

4:14 PM, Jan 16, 2014   |    comments
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Santee, SC (WLTX) - Some say Tesla is the future of car travel, and if you choose to drive one in South Carolina, there's now an official station open for you to charge up.

The California automaker opened charging stalls off I-95 Thursday.

"I was a Prius guy," now Tesla owner Jonathan Hewitt said at a ribbon cutting. 

Hewitt paid for his Model S with money he made over the last year on Tesla stock.  "The lowest price I got it at was 34 dollars and the stock's trading around 160 right now," he said.

The cars run only on electricity and the next closest station is at the Savannah Airport.  All charging stations are free.

"With these charging stations that are being put in here and everywhere else around the country, it will be feasible to go anywhere in the country at a moments notice," Hewitt said.

The I-95 corridor is one of three travel routes Tesla is working to charge.  Charging stations are all listed on a map, accessible online and in a Tesla car.

"Our owners can pull in here and get half of a charge in 20 minutes," Tesla's Patrick Jones said.  "That equals 150 miles."

Jones says Tesla's supercharger represents the fasting charging on the planet.  A full charge at one of the units will take under an hour and allow the car to travel 265 miles.

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