Threats of Looting Have Elgin Residents Taking Up Arms

11:23 AM, Mar 19, 2008   |    comments
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Kershaw County (WLTX)- As the sun sets on the tornado-ravaged town of Elgin, Tina Shealy is taking drastic measures to secure her property from looters. "We're unprotected right now, so we're taking up arms to protect our homes," says Shealy holding a rifle by her side. On Monday, she may have stopped a would-be thief from entering her neighbors unprotected home. "I saw a car pulling into their driveway that had no business being there, so me being the person I am, I grabbed my gun and cell phone and headed over there," says Shealy. She says it didn't take her long to realize the man had no business there. "I told him he had about two seconds before I shoot him and after he was dead, I was calling the cops. So he left," says Shealy. She says other tornado victims are having to do the same. "We've got friends and relatives that don't have power and protection and are having to sleep in their cars with the firearms," says Shealy. Now several days after residents started complaining about the problem, deputies are stepping up patrols in the area. But still, Shealy isn't taking any chances and she has a message for thieves. "If you come over here looting, we're ready," says Shealy.

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