Community Reacts to Fatal Shooting Between Deputy and Suspect

6:42 PM, Mar 26, 2008   |    comments
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Richland County (WLTX) - Neighbors are surprised that this would happen in a community where children mingle and play in the streets. When shots were fired and police cars arrived, community members were shocked to learn that Larry Darnell Bosket had been killed and Narcotics Agent Marcus Brown had been shot while Brown tried to serve Bosket a warrant. Patti Rickets was two doors down, and heard the shots from her bedroom. "It just sounded like a big loud, like a big loud boom," she said. "I heard a lot. A lot just going back and forth." She said that she didn't believe this would happen in Kingswood. Another neighbor, Leanna Burns, got a call from her mother as the altercation took place. Her mother is a 911 operator. "She wasn't sure how close it was or if we was involved in it cause this never happens. I've never seen anything like this before," Burns told WLTX. Monroe Clinton worked in the neighborhood as a boy, manicuring the properties as the homes were just being built. He liked it so much that he grew up and purchased a home there. He's owned his home in Kingswood for 7 years. Clinton describes the place as a "good, middle-class, working-class neighborhood" where children safely play in the streets. He doesn't believe this incident will change his vision of it as a good place to live. He says, "I love the neighborhood. I think it's a very nice, quiet neighborhood for a beginner's home."

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