North Carolina and South Carolina to become One State in 2018

4:42 PM, Apr 1, 2008   |    comments
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ROCK HILL, SC (UP) - South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford and North Carolina Governor Mike Easley met Tuesday to discuss plans that would effectively join South Carolina with North Carolina into one state. Sanford and Easley met at a Rock Hill McDonald's Tuesday, in order to work out an agreement between the states that would allow the Carolinas to share natural and financial resources, and establish a central government that could override federal mandate in some instances. According to state officials, the new name of the biggie-sized state will not be "Carolina" as many expected. Instead, the name "South Virginia" was chosen in a dual-state referendum. Some officials worked to rename the states "North Georgia," but eventually scoffed at such a silly idea. "North North Florida" was also considered, but not chosen. The Universities of South Carolina and North Carolina are also required to drop the common usage of the nickname "Carolina," in place of "SoVa." More importantly, the "South Virginia Agreement" stipulates that by 2018, Gubernatorial Elections are required to be Jabba the Hutt style via a Highlander-type Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome-ish matchup between Sanford and Easley. "Two governor enter, one governor leave," South Virginia officials say. Graphic Designers everywhere have been commissioned to design a new American Flag that has only 49 stars. Jonathan Hughes, an illustrator from Washington agrees that this is a great opportunity to sport a new flag design. Hughes says, "You know, a lineup of 49 stars just looks uneven! I think if we arranged the stars to form the shape of an apple pie, it would really be Patriotic. It would also make our enemies too hungry to want to attack us!" The Dakotas were unavailable for questioning. THE STORY HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE FIRST OF APRIL. HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!!

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