Strike Could Divide SC Truckers

10:06 AM, Apr 4, 2008   |    comments
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Columbia (WLTX) -- The national average for diesel is $4.02 per gallon. The Independent Drivers Association reports South Carolina's truckers joined a national truckers strike Thursday. South Carolina's Trucking Association says it could be a total shutdown or they could simply stay at home. Either way, truckers must decide if they're in it for the long haul as diesel prices soar. For Readie Davis, his truck is home away from home. "I'm mostly on the road two or three days; I'm not your typical driver that stays out three weeks," adds Davis. It's why he made the decision in 1999 to work for himself. "As an Independent Owner everything is on me," says Davis. And for more reasons than one Thursday's scheduled strike is one he can't afford. "I have a family. If this truck don't move I don't make no money so I'm loosing money out there but I have to make a little so I can bring something home to my family," he says. So he's rolling up the landing gear and securing his load; getting for New Jersey. It's a choice South Carolina's Trucking Association says many drivers are making. "These guys are having to decide whether they're gonna ride it out or shut down," says J. Richards Todd, President of South Carolina's Trucking Association. What kind of strike there could be Thursday is anybody's guess. "We don't know whether it's gonna be a full-scale shut down or whether guys are gonna park or line up on one lane of the highway," adds Todd. "If they can't get back what fuel costs are then they're going to go out of business eventually," says Todd. It's a heavy load Davis can only hope he won't have to bare. "It's gonna have to get bettter or me as an Independant contractor; I'm gonna have to park it," says Davis.


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