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Kenny Chesney Breaks Foot at Columbia Concert

4:46 PM, Apr 28, 2008   |    comments
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Columbia (WLTX) - County superstar Kenny Chesney hurt himself during Saturday's night's performance at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia.
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Fans told News19 that Chesney was hurt in the lifting device which elevated him onto the stage, collapsing in pain for a moment. After the incident, the band continued to play, and the spotlight was turned off. After a brief pause, the lights came on and he continued to sing, but fans say he had a noticeable limp, and seemed to be avoiding putting pressure on his right foot.

Chesney reportedly told fans, "I've never done a show before with a broken foot."

According to CMT's website, bones were crushed in Chesney's foot when it apparently became stuck between the lift and the stage. CMT says, "It took approximately 30 seconds for him to pry himself loose as he squatted down on the stage while the band continued to play an extended introduction of the song. When Chesney finally freed himself, he stood up and kept holding his hand on his knee as he began to sing."

CMT's website also says that a University of South Carolina team physician waited nearby while Chesney completed his performance. Once he left the stage, Chesney's boot was cut off, and was treated by the doctor to minimize damage.

Chesney's known for having a lively stage show, and it isn't the first time he's hurt himself wowing his fans. During rehearsals for a 2005 concert in Tennessee, Chesney tore ligaments in his ankle. He received treatment, and went on to perform his show.

Chesney played at Williams-Brice Stadium Saturday night as part of his "Poets and Pirates" tour.

Country-duo legends Brooks & Dunn, as well as LeAnn Rimes, Gary Allan, and Luke Bryan, all performed as well.


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