Man Takes Wife's Name in Marriage

12:31 PM, May 6, 2008   |    comments
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Los Angeles (KTLA) -- In California, a couple went through quite a bit of legal drama, so the husband could take his wife's last name. "My father and she asked me if I would take her name, husband Michael said, "And if it's important enough to her, you know, then, I respect that." So, Michael and Diana thought it wouldn't be a big deal to get the name changed. "I thought it would be very simple," Diana says, as Michael agreed. But, the Department of Motor Vehicles was a problem. In fact, the whole affair at the DMV lasted longer than most California marriages. With Michael Buday and Diana Bijon's wedding day almost three years old, the marriage license battle wasn't easy. "We first recognized there might be a problem on the marriage application where there wasn't space for the groom to have a married name," Diana says. Eventually, both the DMV and the Department of Health Services got together from a persistent push from the American Civil Liberites Union, but it wasn't easy. Of course, many people say true love never has any doubts. "He was going to take my name, which I was actually thrilled about," Diana says, "And actually, I didn't think it would really happen, I wasn't actually sure he would go through with it." Michael did go through with it, giving up his name for her. "Now I'm extremely excited that I get to keep my name, and we get to have one family name," Diana says, "And he gets to be a part of my family's name."

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