Sonic Employees Fired for Spitting in Drinks

1:31 PM, May 13, 2008   |    comments
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Eunice, LA (KFLY) - For many Americans, the brown bag special of the day includes a burger, fries, and a cola. But customers at a fast-food eatery in Eunice, Louisiana got more than they bargained for. According to Sonic, two former employees spit into drinks. Joe Lawrence says it happened to his daughters. "They came up here and got a soda, turned around and (sic) found girls spit in the drink," says Joe Lawrence. As the fast-food goers worked up an appetite, two former employees at the drive-in worked on a concoction of their own, spiking cola with saliva. A Sonic spokesman says they have thoroughly investigated and taken action. "It was brought to my attention by the manager of the store that the incident was brought to his attention that an employee had spit in a drink of a customer," Steve Richard say. "(The manager) confronted the employee involved and they were terminated immediately." Sonic customers say the thought makes them sick to their stomach. "That is horrible," says Tom Kirkman, a customer. "That is very bad because you really don't know how long they've been doing it."

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