Hairdressers Get in Fight Over Client

4:32 PM, Jun 10, 2008   |    comments
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Spring Hill, Florida (WTSP) – We all know hairstylists can be territorial of their clients. But a male hairdresser in Spring Hill allegedly took that to a whole new level.

Friday afternoon, another hairdresser in the JC Penney salon, Maria Werner, gave a discount card to what she thought was a new customer. Moments later, Werner said hairdresser Stephen Coward came to her station and gave the discount card back to her.

Upon realizing she had inadvertently approached someone else's client, Werner approached Coward to apologize. That's when Werner says Coward pushed the upper portion of her arm, causing a red mark. Deputies did not notice a red mark on Werner's arm, and Coward told deputies that he did not shove her.
Coward was given a misdemeanor citation for battery and escorted from the salon. He was also suspended from his job as a hairdresser.

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