Cooking Spray Benefits

7:49 AM, Dec 3, 2009   |    comments
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What's the skinny on nonstick cooking sprays? Our slick tips will take care of any sticky situation you may face in the kitchen! No matter the type of oil you need, there's a cooking spray that'll work for you!

Cooking Spray Benefits

When it comes to inexpensive handy helpers in the kitchen, there are loads of brands and flavors of cooking sprays available at our markets.

Generally, they eliminate a lot of our work because they prevent foods from sticking to our pans. One little spray means less elbow grease! No more hard-to-clean casseroles...and we have fast cleanup on our slow cookers, too!

One spray before adding the food goes a long way to making both serving and cleanup is a breeze! Another use? Spray your spatula before removing cookies from cookie sheets. There are even sprays with flour in them just for baking and easy removal of our goodies from their pans!

Here's one you probably didn't think of: After draining pasta, to prevent it from sticking together before tossing with sauce, give it a quick spray. It does the trick to keep your pasta from sticking!

There probably isn't a sticky situation that cooking sprays can't handle, so you can have this little helper on hand to always have you saying...

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