Friday Update on Fort Jackson Investigation of Poison Threat

8:23 PM, Feb 19, 2010   |    comments
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Fort Jackson, SC (WLTX, CBS) - Three of the five Fort Jackson soldiers being investigated for claims of making threats have been cleared, CBS News reports.

Late Thursday, the Christian Broadcasting Network's website and Fox News reported that some soldiers were under investigation on claims they threatened to poison food at the training base. Previous Coverage: Reports Surface of Investigation of Food Poison Plot at Fort Jackson

Fort Jackson officials confirmed to WLTX Thursday night that the investigation started in December to look into "potential verbal threats against fellow soldiers."

Friday, CBS National Security Correspondent David Martin reported that the investigation began as a result of someone who claimed to have overheard other soldiers talking about poisoning the food. Martin has discovered that five soldiers were originally under investigation, but at least three have now been cleared.

Martin goes on to report that no arrests were made, although the group was brought in for questioning.

The Army Criminal Investigation Division, the group in charge of the investigation, told WLTX that, "we have not found any credible evidence to substantiate the allegations."

"While the investigation continues there is currently no credible evidence to substantiate the allegations," the military said in a written statement. "At no time was there any danger to the Fort Jackson community."

The base also said that no one was poisoned.

The Army Times, a sister publication of WLTX, reported that the soldiers were in the Army as part of the 09L translator and interpreter military occupational specialty. The program prepares junior enlisted soldiers who are native or heritage speakers of a Middle Eastern language to serve as military interpreters during tactical, operational and strategic missions.

Since the investigation began, 09L training was moved from Fort Jackson to Fort Huachuca, Ariz., as part of a base realignment action.

Fort Jackson puts more than 50,000 men and women through entry-level and advanced training courses every year. Its food service spans an array of some 13 dining halls and about 40,000 hot meals are served on the base daily.

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