College Students Can Rent Textbooks to Save Money

6:39 PM, Jul 20, 2010   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Students heading off to college at South Carolina State University in the fall will find a new way to save money.

Textbook rentals will be available at the school, and organizers say it's a concept that is expected to catch on.

Several schools in the area will offer the "Rent-A-Textbook" program on certain books. Students will see as much as a half off the cost of their books, making the expense of getting a higher education a lot lower.

Currently, at college book stores, you can find new books, used books and rentable books. That works for Shanika Rayzor.

She says, "It can be affordable for me because I have a twin sister, and we're both in school at the same time and we could always rent the books instead of buying it."

She and her twin sister Shamika, will be freshmen in the fall at South Carolina State University. She plans to be a business manager, her twin wants to be an attorney.

They share two different majors that require very different books for one expensive school year. They can have the option to rent or buy textbooks at 50 percent off the retail price.

Bookstore Manager Bryce Hutcherson says students will save up to 50 percent off renting their textbooks in the store or online. They will be able to use their financial aid or simply secure the books on a credit card.

Hutcherson says it is one of the biggest advantages versus buying.

"The biggest thing is savings, when you have 50 percent off a book, that's a book that cost $100 you rent it for $50 dollars, that's $50 you can save that you can buy other merchandise in the store. That's extra savings that you can put in your pocket."

Hutcherson says not all books are included in the Rent-A- Textbook program, but many of the ones freshmen use are making at least the first year of school more affordable for the Rayzors.

According to Shanika, "For my parents, it will help them too because they wont have to buy both of our books at the same time, incurring more expenses."

South Carolina State Unviersity's "Rent-A-Textbook" program starts Wednesday. Hutcherson says this program was tested in seven of the estimated 800 schools who particiapte in a nationwide bookstore program for the higher education system. He says more than 700 of them will launch the program in the fall. They expect it to go over well. If you would like more information, you can contact your school's book store.







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