Shaquan Duley May Face Murder Charges Tuesday in Orangeburg Child Deaths

8:40 AM, Aug 17, 2010   |    comments
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  • Shaquan Duley
  • Shaquan Duley

Orangeburg, SC (WLTX) - Orangeburg County Sheriff Larry Williams said Tuesday his officers are seeking a warrant Tuesday morning to bring murder charges against a mother of two children found dead in the Edisto River Monday.

The case involves 29-year-old Shaquan Duley and the death of her two sons: 18-month-old Ja'Van Duley and 2-year-old Devean Duley. Previous Coverage: Children Found Dead in Edisto River

Williams appeared live on the "CBS Early Show" Tuesday outside his office in Orangeburg, where he said his investigators were going to a magistrate to present their case.

"Hopefully upon our presentation of the facts of the probable cause...they will issue a warrart for murder," Williams said.

Presently, Shaquan Duley only faces charges of leaving the scene of an accident.

The bodies of the two children were found in a car that was in the Edisto River early Monday morning. Investigators say Duley has said that she went off the Shillings Bridge Road into the river, and that she walked to get help.

Williams, however, says there's no physical evidence to support that there was a vehicle accident. He also said other parts of her story don't add up, and that she hasn't seemed emotional during interviews.

"For someone who's just plunged into the Edisto River, and has two children, the clothing wasn't damp as though she tried to retrieve the children from the river," Williams said.

Shaquan Duley reported walked three-quarters of a mile from the river and found a driver who had a cell phone. The driver then called police.

The sheriff said Duley could have found help at homes which were closer to the river.

An autopsy report on the children is expected to come in Tuesday.

The sheriff has scheduled a 10 a.m. news conference to update the case. WLTX will have the latest online when that announcement is made.



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