Orangeburg Family Serves of Family BBQ Recipe

12:17 AM, Apr 24, 2011   |    comments
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Orangeburg, SC (WLTX) -- One Orangeburg family's BBQ sauce recipe dates back to the 1800's and soon, you'll be able to taste it for yourself.

"I love to do this, I like to see people eat," Bezzie Cook says. 

If a name defines you, Bezzie Cook's is pretty darn accurate.

"What I do, I do a lot of cooking, and anybody comes in they can sit down and eat," Bezzie says. 

Bezzie's Orangeburg home always had a busy kitchen, with eight kids, and then some. 

"The children, they grew up, and even they had friends and I would feed everybody," Bezzie says. 

She was known for one thing in particular, her BBQ sauce.

"I used to just cook it, make it and give it to everybody anybody who said oh I love that i would just make it and give it to them," Bezzie explains. 

"It's sauce but what makes it so special is cause we've been raised up on this from kids, everything that we did had sauce on it, our grits, our eggs, our anything that we possibly wanted to eat we put sauce on it," one of Bezzie's sons, Donald Cook explains.,

Donald decided her sauce should be shared.

"She made the sauce and then everybody who calls her wanted it and and she would just give it away and I said moms you can't give the sauce away like this, you got to start selling the sauce," Donald says. 

In 2009, he got his siblings involved.

"We all have different personalities and it works," Gwendolyn Cook says. 

Different ingredients to the BBQ sauce business. 

"I found the bottlers, they're in North Carolina, I found a graphic artist to put the final touches on the labels," Julius Cook III says. 

Now they have 1400 bottles of Bezzie's sauce ready to go.

"Once you try this sauce, just like the smile on Bezzie's face, it's the taste that will leave a smile on anybody's face, all you have to do is taste it," Julia Cook-Crutchfield says. 

"I'm glad everybody enjoyed their breakfast, and don't worry you'll be back here the same time I'll be ready to cook and feed you," Bezzie says.

You can get Bezzie's BBQ sauce at two Piggly Wiggly stores in Orangeburg as well as two stores in North Carolina and online. They say soon, they'll be selling this sauce throughout the country and overseas.

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