Village Looking For Volunteers to Live Rent-Free

5:49 AM, Jun 2, 2011   |    comments
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Construction on the Village at Lake Thurmond will be complete in July.

Lake Thurmond, SC (WRDW) - We're all trying to live on a budget these days.
Some people clip coupons, others drive less, and some are ditching vacations this summer.
But here's an option you might not have thought of - a village where the rent is free!
The volunteer village at Lake Thurmond will be a campsite with a great view when it's completed.
"We are really excited about this, this is a new program we are implementing," says Rcereation Chief Ranger Chrissy Westerberg.
A new program that will give full time RVers a place to live for just a small price.
"The idea of the volunteer village and the volunteer program is to provide volunteers with a free campsite, a free place to stay in exchange for them helping us with our programs at the lake."
Residents will volunteer at the campsite and help with checking people in and out and making sure the campgrounds are safe.
Rangers think it's win-win.
Campers get a free place to live, and Strom Thurmond Lake finds free labor.
"The volunteer village consists of 12 campsites with full hookups. Water, power and sewer. It provides them all the utilities they need to live long term," says Westerberg.
Long term meaning six months.Volunteers are set to start working in the village in the fall, and space should fill up fast.
There is still time to sign up, but you have to do it in person.
Just head down to the Army Corps of Engineers visitor center at Strom Thurmond Lake at Clarks Hill and fill out an application.

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