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Katy Perry Turns Heads with Smurf Dress

2:18 PM, Jul 25, 2011   |    comments
  • Katy Perry hangs with the Smurfs. (Getty Images)
  • Katy Perry (Getty Images)
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(AP, USA TODAY) -- Katy Perry walked the red carpet for the Los Angeles premiere of the new Smurfs movie in a "Smurfette" dress.

Maybe it's her tutti-frutti sense of fashion, but for whatever reason, Katy says she felt like a natural doing the voice of "Smurfette" in the movie that premiered Sunday featuring the blue creatures. That's because she feels like a cartoon character in real life.

"The Smurfs movie was really fun for me 'cause a lot of times, you know, 360 days out of the year, I feel like a cartoon. So I thought playing a cartoon was a natural thing to do," the singer said.

"With 'The Smurfs' I get to walk into the studio and I can be in my pajamas, and I make a really cute little voice, which is kind of a mixture of my voice and a little voice," she said.

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