Lee's Review: "Sinister"

7:32 AM, Oct 12, 2012   |    comments
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(WLTX) - Ellison Osborne is a true-crime novelist looking for a little inspiration. It's been a while since he's had a best-seller and, despite his national popularity, money's tight. But his luck may have changed - because he found a new home that was practically a steal!

The previous occupants were killed in a grisly murder just a few months earlier. By no coincidence whatsoever, it's the very case he's writing about for his new book. However, he hasn't been the least bit forthright with his wife about the house's history. She's aware that the killings took place in the town - but not their very residence!

Through a stroke of dumb luck, Ellison discovers some pretty serious evidence in the attic. In fact, he's stumbled upon five separate pieces of footage that could link several murders over a period of decades. It may just be the big break he's been waiting for...if he can only stomach watching the films.

"Sinister" had some frightening moments and interesting twists. But it often took a while to get there. It felt as if they could have trimmed maybe twenty minutes for something a little tighter. Then again, removing the suspenseful buildups may have killed it completely.

For anyone wanting to watch someone chasing teens around with an axe, this is not the movie for you. "Sinister" requires some attention to detail. But, even if you're up for the challenge, the result is only slightly above average.  Proceed with caution.

By Lee O. Smith, News19 Movie Reviewer

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