Lee's Review: "Warm Bodies"

9:11 AM, Feb 1, 2013   |    comments
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(WLTX) - Is there still love in a post-apocalyptic world of zombies? Apparently so. And it might even be able to save the human race!

"Warm Bodies" is the story of R. He doesn't remember his actual name - just the first initial (which is quite good for a dead man). He can even mumble a word or two with a little effort. While everyone else around him has given up, R is very desperate to hold on to his humanity. That's one of the wonderful things about eating someone's brains. You suddenly inherit that person's memories and, for a fleeting moment, feel human again.

Julie is the daughter of General Grigio who has set up a wall around the city, trapping the undead. She is also the girlfriend of Perry - an unfortunate soldier who R just tasted the brains of. So, when R encounters Julie, he feels the same intense love for her that Perry did. Will he be able to win her still-beating heart? Will she be able to look past the fact that he killed her boyfriend and ate his brains???

Nobody said love was perfect. And, quite frankly, neither is the movie. But perfection was never an expectation. I don't really even think "adequate" was an expectation. So, by those standards, "Warm Bodies" wound up exceeding my expectations!This zom-rom-com has some witty narration, tender romance and obvious appreciation for Shakespeare's most famous love story. In short, it's a zombie movie for girls.

It may not look like the most obvious choice for Valentine's Day - but the whole plot is about seeing what's under the surface. And, if people examine what's under the surface of this film, they may be in for a warm surprise.

By Lee O. Smith, NEWS19 Movie Reviewer 

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