Would Your Dog Protect Your House?

10:53 AM, Feb 15, 2013   |    comments
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Melissa Rancourt, WTSP

Tampa, FL (WTSP) - Most people think their dogs would be good protectors if someone broke into their house.
Patty has three dogs, one of them a huge great dane, and Michelle has a 15-month-old pit bull.
We put both families dogs to the test to see what they would do if a stranger broke into their home.
David Springer from the All-American dog training in Tampa has trained hundreds of dogs in the Bay area. He says dogs can be unpredictable.
So prepared for anything, he walked into both ladies homes to see what would happen.
Both times- all the dogs welcomed David inside.
You have to watch this story. It will definately ammuse you and make you question what your dog would do.

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