Lee's Review: "The LEGO Movie"

9:34 AM, Feb 7, 2014   |    comments
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(WLTX) - Everything is awesome in the LEGO universe...well, almost. You see, President Business doesn't allow any crossover between the various worlds. It makes things too confusing and, therefore, the different LEGO lands are expected to remain segregated. But there's a prophecy that "The Special" will come and bring unity within it all.

Meanwhile, an average nobody, named Emmet, stumbles into some life-altering circumstances. Suddenly, everyone is looking to him for answers. For the first time in his life, he may have to start thinking out-of-the-box.

LEGOs have been around since 1949 and were likely the favorite toy of some of our greatest architects. Since then, theme parks, video games and multiple movie tie-ins have expanded the brand's profile. However, this would be the first time a feature film has been attempted.

One would assume this was going to be a losing battle. After all, how exciting can you make a bunch of building blocks? Well, apparently, they can be super funny! So many great one-liners are thrown out that it's almost impossible to retain it all.

An all-star cast voices the film and there's also a third-act twist that puts all the chaos into perspective. And what kid wouldn't love a movie that encouraged them to create without consulting the manual?! Add some 3D to the experience and this latest LEGO project is ready to take flight.

I guess everything is awesome in the LEGO universe. Now it's time to go see it for yourself!

By Lee O. Smith, News19 Movie Reviewer

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