Watercooler News

Zimmerman Says He Still Gets Death Threats

9:18 AM, Feb 17, 2014

George Zimmerman, who set off a racial firestorm when he fatally shot Trayvon Martin two years ago, says he still gets death threats and wants to become a lawyer to

Powerball Jackpot Grows to $400 Million

8:30 AM, Feb 17, 2014

With no weekend winner, the Powerball lottery jackpot has risen to an estimated $400 million for the drawing on Wednesday.

Muppets' John Paul Henson dies at 48

8:43 PM, Feb 15, 2014

John Paul Henson followed his father, Muppets creator Jim Henson, into puppeteering, and sadly, to an early death.

Study: Selfless Love Turns off Brain's Reward Area

3:17 PM, Feb 15, 2014

Research shows that the feeling of love activates the same reward areas of the brain as cocaine, reports CBS Connecticut.

Ellen Page Reveals She Is Gay

9:18 AM, Feb 15, 2014

Speaking at a conference to promote the welfare of LGBT youth in 
Las Vegas, Page told the crowd: "I am here today because I am gay. And because maybe I can make a difference. 

'Waltons' Dad Ralph Waite Dies at 85

10:31 PM, Feb 13, 2014

One of television's most enduring father figures has passed away.

Genetically Engineered Crops in Nearly 12% of Fields

6:17 AM, Feb 13, 2014

Even as some U.S. consumers reject foods containing ingredients from genetically modified plants, farmers continue to embrace the technology.

Sid Caesar, Comic Genius of 1950s Television, Dies

3:46 PM, Feb 12, 2014

Innovative, influential comedy genius Sid Caesar, whose sketches lit up 1950s television with zany humor, has died at age 91.

Iconic Child Star Shirley Temple Dies at 85

5:57 AM, Feb 11, 2014

Shirley Temple, the curly-haired child star who put smiles on the faces of Depression-era moviegoers, has died. She was 85.

'Lego' Movie Clicks at Box Office

8:57 AM, Feb 10, 2014

Brand names pummeled big names at theaters this weekend as The Lego Movie steamrolled at the box office.

Creator Pulls 'Flappy Bird' From App Stores

8:30 AM, Feb 10, 2014

Fans of Flappy Bird who still have the game on their smartphone or tablet can still play. 

Danish Zoo Kills Giraffe to Prevent Inbreeding

12:53 PM, Feb 9, 2014

The Copenhagen Zoo killed Marius, its 2-year-old giraffe, and fed its remains to lions on Sunday, ignoring a petition signed by thousands of people and offers from other zoos and a private individual to save the animal, officials said.

Lee's Review: "The LEGO Movie"

8:34 AM, Feb 7, 2014

Everything is awesome in the LEGO universe...until an average nobody, named Emmet, stumbles into some life-altering circumstances. Suddenly, everyone is looking to him for answers. For the first time in his life, he may have to start thinking out-of-the-box!

SCE&G Giving Away Free Tree Seedlings

7:55 AM, Feb 7, 2014

On Friday and Saturday, free seedlings are available to Lake Murray residents at the SCE&G Environmental Building on the north side of the  Dam