Kershaw County Dentist Practice Feels Quake, Kind of

1:00 AM, Jun 25, 2011   |    comments
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Camden, SC (WLTX) - If you felt a bit of a rumble Friday afternoon, you weren't imagining things: a small earthquake was reported in Kershaw County.

News 19's Nate Stewart spoke with one dentist's practice in Camden, where the staff said they felt the quake--kind of.

A typical day for Dr. William Owen begins around nine in the morning.

"Check hygiene, we do dentures, crowns, pull teeth, we pull a lot of teeth in Camden," said Owen.

But there was nothing typical about a 2.3 magnitude earthquake hitting near his office in the early afternoon.

"It felt kind of like a logging truck came barreling through the parking lot. There was a sound involved but it sounded like a trailer on a tractor trailer," said Owen.

"The patient didn't mention it either so I just thought it was something else," said hygienist Mandy Jackson. She was working on a patient when the less than spectacular quake hit Camden.

"It wasn't that shocking the rumble was kind of a mild rumble. I could feel the building shake but it wasn't enough that it was scary," said Jackson.

Dr. Owen agreed.

"I wasn't really surprised I didn't know it was an earthquake until I started seeing people write about it on facebook. Were there jets flying around? Was it an earthquake? Did something blow up," said Owen.

While it may not have been a typical day a the office, at least no teeth were harmed in the process.

"No it didn't really effect us at all," laughed Owen.  

No damage was reported, but the Kershaw County Sheriff's Department received a number of calls from people who felt the tremor. Earthquakes aren't uncommon in South Carolina. Emergency management officials say we usually get about 15 a year, most of them smaller than 3.0.

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