How to Protect Your Bank Account After SC Hacking

11:09 PM, Nov 2, 2012   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -  The South Carolina Banking Association has some advice for state taxpayers concerned about the security of their bank accounts after the hacking of the state Department of Revenue.

"South Carolina is not a large state and all of our bankers are aware of the situation in South Carolina and their branch managers are aware, so they can speak to the customer about the situation and the different services a bank can offer whether it be alerts or other types of monitoring activities, that could potentially could be offered a customer but also what to do if there was an unauthorized activity to the account," said Neil Rashley, Senior Vice President and Council to the South Carolina Banking Association.

Rashley says one of the easiest things to do is to review bank statements and monitor your account for unusual activity.

If you find anything that shouldn't be there you should contact your bank immediately.

For those wondering if they should close their accounts, Rashley says SCBA doesn't advise for or against that, instead the group recommends people contact their banks.

"Speak to you banker, talk to them about what the services are, what the laws are, about how the bank helps make the customer whole, and then decide what to do about the account," said Rashley.  "Do you need to switch out your credit card and debit card? That's possible too, but simply talk to your banker about how that can be done.  The last thing we want to do if have millions of people going into banks changing millions of accounts.  Speak to your bank, talk to them about what's best to do."

Rashley says customers should remember that banks are used to dealing with situations like this and have services and information already in place.

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