Judge Denies Bond for Man Accused of Kidnapping Gabbiee Swainson

5:10 PM, Nov 7, 2012   |    comments
Freddie Grant (Image: Lexington County Detention Center)
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) - A federal judge has denied bond for the man Richland County deputies say kidnapped a Columbia teen.

Wednesday afternoon, Freddie Grant, the man Richland County deputies say kidnapped 15 year old Gabbie Swainson, appeared in court for a detention hearing on a federal ammunition charge. At the end of the proceeding, Judge Shiva Hodges refused to grant him bond.

Swainson has not been seen since August 18th. Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott has said repeatedly he believes Grant took Swainson from her home and took her to his home in Elgin. Officers have not speculated on what they believe may have happened next.

Gabbie's mother, Elvia Swainson, was in the court for the hearing.

During the hearing law enforcement also released new information about Gabbiee Swainson's DNA being found in wine bottles in Grant's home. The agent also said duct tape that was found in Grant's home was in the shape of a mask, meaning it had an impression of a mouth and a nose.

FBI Special Agent Robert Wisenhofer was called to the stand to talk about Grant's past criminal background.

He says while in the Army, Grant was stationed in Korea in the 1980s. During his time there, Wisenhofer said Grant assaulted a soldier with a razor, cutting the victim from his forehead down to his ear. The agent went on to say that Grant resisted arrested and assaulted an officer but was eventually captured.  He was charged with kidnapping and escaping arrest, and served time in jail, and was released in 1984. 

When asked by Grant's attorney had Gabbie Swainson ever been in Grant's house before, the agent said according to Elvia Swainson, Gabbiee went to Grant's home twice but never entered the house.

In denying bond, Judge Hodges cited Grant's criminal background and a potential as a flight risk as reasons for her decision.

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