Pizzas Eliminate Need for Pre-Thanksgiving Cooking

11:31 PM, Nov 21, 2012   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Move over Black Friday, there's a new type of box flying off the shelves around Thanksgiving.

"A ridiculous amount of business.  Nobody wants to cook of course because they're getting everything ready for tomorrow," said Pizza Hut General Manager Aaron Bebem.

He says he and his crew off prep for the pre-holiday to keep customers happy with hot and fresh pizza's delivered quickly.

"We lay out several hundred pieces of dough the day before and we'll come out today and we'll stretch everything out and poof it up sauces it, get it ready to go," said Bebem.  He says they make sure to keep a full staff of employees on the schedule for the day before Thanksgiving.

Other pizza shops around town, like Domino's say they felt the rush as well.

For customers, it is the perfect way to relax, and stay out of the kitchen before the main event on Thanksgiving.

"We're cooking Thanksgiving dinner, the whole nine yards,and we're not gonna cook tonight so my son is home and we're just gonna eat a couple of pizzas," customer John White as he picked up his pizzas.

"Well my wife's been cookin all day yesterday and all day today and there's no sense in her having to cook tonight.  We're all gonna have a big meal tomorrow, just giver her a break and make her happy," said Vernon Ray Mullins as he waited for his order.

While the day before the holiday is a big one, another event coming up gives them a double dose of fast paced days.

"Carolina, Clemson comin up," said Bebem.  "That's gonna be pretty busy."


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