Student Sexually Assaulted on SC State Campus

9:21 PM, Jan 31, 2013   |    comments
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Orangeburg, SC (WLTX) -- Security is increased on the campus of South Carolina State University after campus police say a student was sexually assaulted.

"It's always a shock when things of this sort happen, period," said Dr. Tamara Hughes, interim Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs.

SCSU police said ealier this week a student was sexually assaulted at gunpoint in Turner Hall, an academic building on campus. And recently students have seen new safety measures like consolidating the five entrances to school grounds into two.

"It is actually a part of a process that we use to ensure that our campus community is safe," Hughes said.

Hughes said closing the gates was already planned. And people getting onto campus are identified.

"When you enter campus you have to show your campus ID and you have a decal in the front window of your car. Those are the basic safety precautions. If you don't have an ID, they wil either take your tag down andyour license number," said SCSU Student Body President Nathan Shazier.

He said the campus has multiple safety precautions like cameras in buildings and blue lights that alert police when pushed. He also said students who are fearful after Monday's events shouldn't be.

"South Carolina State Police Department is doing their job, they do go around campus, they do check," Shazier said. "It's just a matter of certain things happen and I always tell them certain systems have flaws."

Students received text messages and emails to alert them about the incident. Shazier said the university goes by the old phrase, "honesty is the best policy."

"South Carolina State just like all other campuses have things that go on," he said. "Ours get out because we at South Carolina State University do not camouflage anything. We make sure that our students know what's going on. We make sure everybody knows what's going on."

The investigation is ongoing. Campus police declined to comment on the condition of the victim.

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