Lexington Roads Trying to Keep Up With Town Growth

7:53 PM, Feb 19, 2013   |    comments
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Lexington, SC (WLTX) -- Lexington may have small town charm, but they have big city potential.

"To get from my house from my job only takes me about 15 minutes, but I could walk it probably faster," said Lexington resident Kim Groh.

If you've ever traveled the streets of Lexington, you've probably seen a lot of red.

"The traffic here is worse than it was outside of DC because we don't have the roads growing with the communities growing," Groh said. 

This afternoon Lexington council members talked about issues like that. From residential roads not meeting code standards to property deals. Mayor Randy Halfacre says both can be attributed to growth.

"We are trying to move the town forward because whether we like it or not growth is coming because we've got such great quality of life," Halfacre said. 

Lexington's five year Vision Plan is addressing the traffic. Some of the main roads are already under construction. And they are hoping to give more drivers the green light with a new traffic system.

"About 26 intersections will instantly change the synchronization of those lights based on the traffic flow," he said.

But even with the big change they have in store for the roads, Lexington wants to keep it's small town charm. So much so they've even stopped some projects from moving into town.

"The multi purpose unit that was proposed that was a concentration of people in one location, where do the children play," Halfacre said. "It was determined by all the parties including the developer that it probably just wasn't appropriate to move it forward." 

Although Lexington is steadily growing, they hope to stay true to their roots. The city is still in phase one of their Vision Plan. They hope to have many community projects completed by 2016.

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