Group: Five Key Issues Facing SC Children

3:21 PM, Feb 28, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- A bipartisan group of lawmakers and citizens presented its annual report addressing issues facing children in South Carolina.

The Joint Citizens and Legislative Committee on Children Thursday afternoon highlighted five areas that they consider priorities that they believe needs immediate action to help South Carolina's children.

Senator Mike Fair of Greenville is the chair of the committee, he said, "Our mission as a committee is to better the lives of children in our state through informed policies and our goal is to ensure that our children are healthy safe, supported, and educated."

The group believes that school readiness, preventable childhood obesity, childhood fatalities and injuries, childhood trauma, and immunizations are priorities that need immediate action.

The committee says many of the problems that children of South Carolina face are the same that other children face in other states, but making changes while they are younger can pay off, according to Harry Davis, Director of the Children's Law Center.

Davis says, "It is less expensive and more successful to address children's issues while the child is young, as opposed to waiting until that child becomes an adult."

According to the report, "Children in South Carolina fare poorly, largely due to the significant percentage of our population who live in disadvantaged families and communities."

Davis said, "There are over 1 million children living in South Carolina and unfortunately over one-half of them show up in some measured category of negative child well-being."

The committee hopes that lawmakers will take a close look their recommendations and do what it is best for the children of South Carolina.

Senator Fair said, "Some of our recommendations may require funding and many do not, they all deserve serious consideration and action in this legislative session."

To take a look at the complete 2013 Annual Report from the Joint Citizens and Legislative Committee on Children, visit their website at

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