Weather Causing Uptick in Mold-Related Concerns

6:25 PM, Aug 23, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- The Midlands has seen its fair share of rain this summer, and experts say that has created the perfect recipe for mold growth.

There can be common misconceptions about mold, but all mold is not the same, and each case should be treated differently. Once it sets in, however, it all has the same effect.

"Mold is typically more than surface deep," said Ancel Hamilton, the owner of BioTek Environmental. Inc, a mold remediation company. "Mold has, I'm going to call it roots, for lack of a better way to put it, but mold grows into the surface."

The roots are what Hamilton said make the solution to common mold problems no easy fix.

"On a piece of wood, for example, if you remediate the wood, and all you do is spray a chemical on it, then that's not going to stop the problem," Hamilton said.

Hamilton also said a few home remedies, like vinegar or ammonia mixed with water may solve the problem. But it's when you encounter larger problems that Hamilton said you should then call a professional.

"If you get beyond just a couple of feed of mold issue, or if it looks like it's growing from inside your drywall," Hamilton said, "then you'd probably probably ought to get a professional to come and take a look at it."

There are a few simple things you can do to keep mold from taking root:

Make sure you dry wet areas within 72 hours.

Ventilate areas like the kitchen, laundry room and bathroom so that cooking and cleaning don't add too much moisture to your home.

Humidity and warm weather make the perfect environment for mold growth so keeping your air conditioner running can help.

The Better Business Bureau tells News19 in order to start a mold removal business, a special license is not needed.

To protect yourself, you should check websites like theirs or Angie's List. You can also check the Secretary of State's business registry.

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