Blind Woman Helps Others See A Great Christmas

11:10 PM, Dec 6, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX ) - During our annual Stuff A Bus a number of volunteers help collect donations but for one Midlands woman it's a yearly tradition despite her not being able to physically see Christmas.

Hours before sunrise Mary Peters was hard at work volunteering with Stuff a Bus.

"I enjoy helping people and if it is anything that I can do to help somebody and God blesses me to do it, I am ready," said Peters.

She has volunteered for the past four years. Peters says she remembers seeing all of her gifts under the tree as a child and believes every boy and girl should see the same thing.

"It's just so pretty and honestly I do miss that being blind but again I still thank God that I can imagine it and remember."

You heard it right; Peters is blind. She was born legally blind and became permanently blind in the 90's but she doesn't let that stop her from helping others.

"I have people tell me Mary I forget that you are blind because of how I get around so much on my own. The biggest thing is I like to show people that just because I am blind doesn't mean that we cant do things."

She says it warms her heart to know that so many people in the community are willing to put others over themselves in efforts to put a smile on a child's face.

"That makes me feel wonderful and that lets me know that God is so good to bless people to be able to give to the children so that they can have and maybe some people that donate are giving people that may not have been able to have so it's a wonderful feeling."






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