Businesses Impacted By Lower Water Levels At Lake Murray

7:53 PM, Dec 12, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, South Carolina (WLTX)- Beginning in early November, SCE&G lowered Lake Murray to enhance the water quality.

The lake level is now at 350 feet, where it will remain until early January, according to the company.

The lake was lowered to enhance the water quality, but the last time the company scheduled a draw-down was in 2006.

Carl Sundius owns South Shore Marina in Leesville and said a lot of home owners are coming to his business.

"The lakes a lot lower," Sundius said. "There are a lot of docks that are actually on the ground."

According to SCE&G, the normal high lake level is 358ft. In recent years the company hasn't been able to lower lake leaves because of the drought.

"Typically, people can leave their boat in the water at the dock on a normal winter draw-down," Sundius said.

He also said there is an added benefit to the draw-down, which is lake residents and businesses can make dock repairs and shoreline improvements.

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