Town Councilman Wants a Color Scheme Change

7:32 PM, Dec 13, 2013   |    comments
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Lexington, SC (WLTX) - Lexington Town Councilman Todd Shevchik took to Facebook to complain about the color scheme and sign height of a soon to be open Auto Money Title Loan shop on Highway 378.

"I've spoken out about the property because it's so glaring in it's color and the sign height," Shevchik said.  "It's in the gateway to the Town of Lexington."

The shop sits on a small piece of county property but is surrounded by town property.  Therefor, town ordinances do not apply to the shop.

"I've received emails from constituents and calls from businesses wondering how this was allowed," Shevchik said.  "All these businesses around here pay business license fees, they adhere to the town guidelines, and they have to see this business. I just consider the business unsightly."

A representative for Auto Money Title Loans though says the business "is in full complain with all design and building codes.  The signage and design of our Lexington location is consistent with the other fifty plus Auto Money Title Loan locations we operate throughout the state.  Our recognizable yellow and green brand is designed to be bright and friendly."

So why hash this all out on Facebook?  Shevchik says he wanted to explain the situation to as many of his constituents as possible.

"Tone the paint scheme down a little bit," Shevchik said.  "I think that would be a good compromise for everybody."

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