Ft. Jackson Families Receive Holiday Meals

6:01 PM, Dec 16, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Operation Homefront came to Ft. Jackson Monday to help out service members and their families and show them they're appreciated.

"Every little bit helps and I'm certainly going to eat good this Christmas," Sgt. Ayan Mobley said.

Mobley decided to volunteer with Operation Homefront to give back to about 300 families on base.

She knows the feeling of needing a little extra help.

"I'm a soldier and a single mother, so I know how it feels to actually need the help," Mobley said. "This is just my opportunity to give back. "

The organization said they target certain ranks of military personnel.

"E1 through E6 ranks are the youngest, the lowest paid, and they usually start families really early so we provide a safety net for those families," Operation Homefront - Carolinas Executive Director Holly Cummings said.

For Sgt. Yukon Brown, his fiancee and their four children an event like this is beneficial to large families.

"It's wonderful to just see people coming together and helping soldiers and family members in these desolate times when money has to stretch a long way," Brown said. "This is definitely helping a lot of family members here on post."

And for those who don't have spouses or children, like Sgt. Danyielle Cills, it's still providing a meal

"I'm an E5 but I live in the barracks, so I do have some family that's here, not too much, so it helps me out I can provide or get food. "

Christmas is the season for giving.

But sometimes gifts come in the form of kind gestures.

"As soldiers we do sacrifice a lot and sometimes we don't feel appreciated, so it's definitely good when people can all come together for one cause to help family members to have a better Christmas," Brown said.

Nationwide Operation Homefront distributed over 7,000 meals to military members and their families.

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