Bill Would Prevent Military Retirees from Losing Money

8:35 PM, Dec 20, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Congressman Joe Wilson is working on a bill that would reverse part of the bipartisan budget passed by Congress this week.

In that budget, pension money is being taken away from veteran retirees despite concerns from veterans and members of the South Carolina Delegation.  

Scott Casimiro, USMC retired, "I'm very shocked,".   Casimiro was injured during this third tour in Afghanistan with the US Marine Corps, sharpnel from an IED broke through his sunglasses, he's now medically retired. 

"I think taking anything away from someone who has given 20 years, or literally and physically part of their body serving our country, you're taking away too much, "  said Casimiro. 

Under the budget recently approved by Congress, benefits Casimiro thought he'd receive as a veteran are under attack.  

"Do not single out the military retiree who has served so long and so hard, " said SC Sen. Lindsay Graham. 

South Carolina senators Lindsay Graham and Tim Scott both voted against the budget deal, citing retirement cuts for both current and future military as the reason why. 

"Anybody who would do this in the name of good government has forgotten what good government is all about."

Senator Tim Scott said this proposal asks for too much from the men and women of our military, who would be forced to sacrifice thousands of dollars from their retirement. 

"There was an informal contract between them and their country, we were told specifically what those benefits are, and then you go ahead and changed the game rules and removed the benefits, " said Col. Kevin Shewdo. 

Colonel Kevin Shwedo was the deputy commander at Ft. Jackson when he retired and now runs the south Carolina DMV. 

He says that many of the men and women who worked for him during his career will suffer if money there were promised is taken away.  

"In my mind, it's a tremendous breach of contract, " said Shwedo. 

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