Legislators Discuss Ethics Reform Bil

9:21 PM, Jan 9, 2014   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Thursday morning, a group of state legislators met for a roundtable discussion as well as a question and answer session with dozens of media outlets.

Two of the hot topics debated by those at the second round of the discussion were the Ethics Bill and amendments to the Freedom of Information Act. State Representative Bill Taylor spearheaded the talk, calling for a more transparent government.

Under the new Ethics Bill, which previously died in the 2013 session, an independent group would have the power to investigate those who violate ethics laws instead of the House and Senate themselves.

Representative Taylor spoke freely of the need for government transparency and says this is something that will be closely looked at.

"I think there has always needed to be a serious change of the approach that we have with ethics," Taylor said. "People think that we have the fox watching the hen house and all of that stuff because the House and the Senate take care of their own materials. I think where they're going with an independent agency to review and sort of file the charges and investigate, I think that has some serious merit to it."

Representative Taylor also called upon his constituents to look at the Freedom of Information Act, saying it needs to have teeth so both state and local agencies will perform well and openly provide information to the public.

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