City of Columbia Drafting 'Bully Ordinance' to Euthanize Less Pit Bulls

7:40 PM, Jan 15, 2014   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX)- Some Columbia city leaders are drafting a 'bully breed' ordinance specifically to stop the overbreeding of pit bulls. 

Columbia City Councilman Cameron Runyan, who's behind the ordinance, said there are too many pit bulls at the animal shelter and many aren't willing to adopt them. 

"Whenever a pit bull ends up at the shelter almost all of them are euthanized, and so we want to try to control that population as much as possible," Runyan said. 

He also said more dogs need to be spayed or neutered, especially pit bulls, because many of them are bred for the wrong reasons.

Marli Drum with Columbia Animal Services said it is a problem. 

"Pitbull fighting is a multi-million dollar business," Drum said. "It's very secretive to catch them. It is almost impossible." 

The Columbia Police Department said there have not been any recent reports of dog fighting within city limits.

Debbie Fletcher and her husband are proud owners of a loving pit bull. She said owners shouldn't be forced to spay or neuter animals or pay a higher fee because they are owners of a pit bull. 

"To charge us more because he's a particular breed," Fletcher said. "He can't help it."

The shelter said about seven percent of the animals they euthanize are pit bulls. 

The fee to register a neutered dog or cat is $5. An unneutered dog or cat costs $25.

The proposal would make it even higher for bully breeds. Runyan said he hopes the proposed ordinance will go before council soon so Columbia can become a no kill animal city. 


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