Snow In Columbia Means Big Business For Pizza Shops

12:27 AM, Jan 30, 2014   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) - With school closings and a lot of people getting two days off from work, who wants to cook in this weather. And with ice on the roads, no one wants to drive. But that was a good combination for Village Idiot and takeout pizza sales.

"The kitchen got a little packed, but everyone was hungry so we were feeding them," said Village Idiot Manager Mark Causey.

During the snow day schools were canceled and a lot of parents were off. But with nasty roads a lot of people ordered pizza for dinner.

And business was so good Causey says it didn't seem like a Tuesday or Wednesday night.

"We did well; it was almost like a Friday night for us."

The Five Points location only has two drivers, and while some pizza shops didn't deliver because of the weather... Village Idiot drivers braved the cold and icy roads to get the pizzas out on time.

"I think we might have succeeded over them as far as getting our delivery guys out there but safety was also first so once it started to get real nasty we pulled them off the street."

Jenna Miller and her roommates took advantage of getting takeout.

"It's too cold outside to go anywhere and we wanted to be lazy and hang around the house so it's the best thing to do when it's this cold outside," said Miller.

While the snow may have been a day of rest and relaxation; it turned into a money maker for Village Idiot.

"They have just been going steady in and out, keep'em moving," said Causey.



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