Sneak Peak at Super Bowl Commercials

12:44 PM, Jan 30, 2014   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (CBS/WLTX) -- The Super Bowl commercials often bring more anticipation than the game itself for many casual NFL fans. This year companies are forking out about $4 million a year for 30 second slots.

Several companies have already leaked their ads ahead of the game to get additional publicity around their products. 

Below is a quick summary (provided by the companies) of some of the commercials that have already been released.

Chevrolet is using a love story to promote its 2015 Silverado HD. The commercial, titled "Romance" portrays a rancher using his Chevrolet truck to transport his stud-bull to a herd of eligible cattle.

Butterfinger is launching a new iteration of the brand near the end of the Super Bowl. "BUTTERFINGER Peanut Butter Cups" feature the famous snack sandwiched between a layer of chocolate and peanut butter. The spot opens with a personified peanut butter and chocolate seeking help from a couples' therapist. Their relationship, apparently, has gotten dull.  "What if you were to try something different?" the therapist offers.

Coca-Cola will feature a 60 second spot during the second half of the Super Bowl featuring the story of a small but determined high school football player who struggles to fit in and make his mark until the opposing team fumbles the ball and it lands in his arms. That's when it's his time to shine.

Volkswagen is back in the Super Bowl for the fifth consecutive year with a humorous spot entitled "Wings." Volkswagen calls attention to the fact that they have the most cars on the road with over 100,000 miles. In a series of surrealistic scenes - when a VW vehicle anywhere in the world reaches the hallowed milestone - a Volkswagen engineer "gets their wings" - regardless of where they are at the exact moment the odometer registers 100,000. 

H&M is returning to the Super Bowl with the world's most famous "football" player: soccer legend David Beckham. David Beckham filmed two alternate versions of the action-packed 30-second spot, and fans will have the chance to determine which one the world will see on Super Bowl Sunday. In the spot, David is accidentally locked out of a photo shoot on a rooftop wearing only his underwear. The commercial culminates in one of two unexpected ways - with David either "#Covered" or "#Uncovered."  
Fans are encouraged to go to H&M's website to vote for their favorite version until February 1 at midnight.  

Toyota brings in Disney's Muppets for a new commercial for the 2014 Toyota Highlander. The 60-second spot, entitled "Joyride," will make its broadcast debut during the second quarter of the Super Bowl. With their over-the-top personalities, the Muppets teach a character a thing or two about "unborifying" his lifestyle as they "borrow" his sweet ride, the Toyota Highlander. 

Doritos has named five finalists for the "Crash the Super Bowl" contest. People have been encouraged to vote for their favorite on the snack's website. Ultimately, two ads will air in front of a global television audience during Super Bowl XLVIII, one selected by the world's votes and one by the Doritos brand team.  

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