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Mother Thanks Community After Losing 6-year-Old Son

11:42 PM, Feb 1, 2014   |    comments
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North, SC (WLTX) -- A Midlands mother says she's been overwhelmed with love and support from the community after her 6-year-old son was struck by a vehicle.

"I never knew a 6-year-old could have so much impact to so many people," Chasity Toland said.

Toland read her series of thank yous to the camera and about 30 other people who came to celebrate the life of her son, Zion.

"I can say when the Lord planted a special seed on Earth called Zion He knew he would grow more in heaven," Chasity said.

Zion died last month after he was hit by a pick-up truck right in front of his Grandfather's house. 

"I just miss him, God, I'll tell you," Harry Yon said.

The pitter patter of little feet are constant at Yon's home.

And he said the loss of his grandson makes things harder for him to take the patriarch role.

"Even though I may be going through a rough time I can't let them see it, and I try not to," Yon said.

Chasity's aunt, Jackie Toland, believes the unfortunate event has made them closer.

"Family needs to be there for each other.," Jackie said. "It shouldn't take a death to bring a family together so this has been eye opening for us."

Zion's big brother, Fred Jr. was there at the scene of the accident. 

Although, Zion's gone he's far from forgotten.

When the first snow came through, Zion was there.

"Fred was like, 'Can we go take a picture with Zion,'" Chasity said. "That was his first time being over there ever since that."

Saturday evening, family and close friends gathered in the front yard of Yon's home to release blue and white balloons for the little boy.

"Maybe he's not alive here, but I will still keep his name alive," Chasity said.

The family attorney says no charges have been filed.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol continues to investigate. 

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