Steve Spurrier Comments Hit Student Football Fans

5:02 PM, Sep 10, 2012   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Empty stands at Williams-Brice Stadium Saturday have many longtime Gamecock fans upset--and Head Coach Steve Spurrier too.

After USC's easy win over Eastern Carolina, the head ball coach had some words for fans who left the game early - especially the students.

"The fans were alive, rearing to go, I wish they'd stay after halftime though," said Spurrier in a post-game news conference.  "We're up 21 to nothing, I mean they could have mounted a comeback.  We were down 17 nothing to these guys last year and had to come back."

Students' reasons for leaving early ranged from the weather, to bad seats, and the favorable score.

"I was just getting too hot, and we here just high up in the upper deck," said USC student Vishal Champaneri.

"There's not really a reason to stick around, they had the game pretty much sealed up," said Richard Labovitz, another student.

After further review, though, some say they'll be glued to the seats for the next home game Saturday at Williams Brice.

The sizeable exit from the William-Brice student section sent many to social networking sites like Twitter.

"That party out in the parking lot can wait can't it? Gee 12-20 game, I looked over on the other side and it was half empty almost...stay in the ballpark a little bit," said Spurrier.

Most students agree with Spurrier, saying the bare stands make the school look bad especially with a televised game.

"I'm a Gamecocks fan and I love football and I'm gonna stay the whole time and support my team cause that's what I do, I don't want our school having a bad rep and looking bad, so i'm gonna stay and be an extra person," said Suzanna Williams, a student who says she stayed for the entire game.

But at least one student said a team can't expect a packed house when they run up the score so early.

"I think if Coach Spurrier wants the fans to stick around, he should probably not be beating teams so badly in the first half," said Labovitz.

Still some students feel bad thinking they let down the old ball coach.

"I'm kinda sad now, I wish I did stay, cause I love Steve Spurrier man I'm tryin to make him happy so I'm gonna try my part, definitely gonna stay longer," said one student.

USC takes on Alabama-Birmingham Saturday at 7:00 p.m.

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