Who's Behind USC's New Scoreboard?

4:50 PM, Sep 18, 2012   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Hours before kickoff, while Gamecock fans are tailgating or on their way to Williams-Brice, a dedicated group is hard at work making sure you have the best experience during the game.

Behind the scenes, more than 20 people are there early so you can catch all the action.

"Usually it's about eight hours before game time when I show up, camera operators are here about six hours before," said David Cockfield, a gameday producer.  "We're down underneath the stadium, and the only way we see what's happening on the field is through the camera operators."

Working with all new, state of the art equipment, the crew is responsible for everything you see across the new HD screen.

"I remember walking into the south endzone and looking up and thinking wow's that's big, and my second thought was I hope I don't screw it up," said Cockfield.

He has seen the group grow from four to 23 in the last 18 years and says they are still working out some kinks and planning on more training.

"Right now, one of the biggest concerns that we have are getting up to speed on the equipment so we can do more replays, quicker replays, a different look, trying to break a little bit of the mold that we've been in for the past," he said.

According to Cockfield the new control room is about three times the size of thier old work space.

"It really is a dream come true," he said.  "We have 12 or 13 people sitting on top of each other.  We were sharing it with other people, during the week it was their office."

The new system has created a lot of excitement among football fans.  In the future, the control room is expected to work for other USC athletic teams as well.

"The hope is that we will be able to use this one control room to do multiple venues for softball, soccer, maybe volleyball in the future," he said.

Cockfield  who has been with the program since 1983,  says he only attended one game.  He says he wouldn't know what to do if he attended without having to work, but finds gratification in playing a role in a major component of the game.

"It makes for a long day but we have a lot of fun," said Cockfield.

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