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State Prisons Want to Jam Prisoners' Cell Phones

1:31 PM, Oct 4, 2014

Ridgeville, SC (WLTX) - For some prisoners, a cell phone is as good as cash. The devices are often at the center of the war on crime behind bars. So officials are hoping to bring cell phone jamming technology to state prisons.

Columbia Police Chief Candidates Interview This Week

12:03 AM, Feb 18, 2014

A three day interview process begins Wednesday for the five candidates who want to be the next Columbia Police Chief.

Red Cross Feeding Residents in Vance

11:54 PM, Feb 17, 2014

There are still thousands of homes and businesses in the state that are without power due to last week's snow and ice storm.

Megabus Begins Routes Out of Columbia Tuesday

11:53 PM, Feb 17, 2014

Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- A trip to Georgia or North Carolina just got a bit cheaper if you are willing to ride.

Thousands Still Without Power After Winter Storm

11:53 PM, Feb 17, 2014

Clarendon County, SC (WLTX) -- Thousands of homes and businesses are still without power. More than 30,000 in all across the state.

Valentine's Day Bank Robber Sought by Police

9:21 PM, Feb 17, 2014

Columbia, SC (WLTX)  Columbia police are looking for a man who robbed the Palmetto Citizens bank on Valentines Day.